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Setting up the ABN-8+, ABN-4+ and ABN-1+


    The ABN-8+ and -1+ have an integral 900MHz GSM module and there a number of considerations to be taken into account when setting up these units.

    Before you do anything else...

    It is necessary to obtain a SIM card which will be inserted into the ABN unit. Before doing this, however, it will be necessary to set up a few items and to verify the functionality of the SIM. For this you will need another cellular handset. Insert the SIM card in your cellphone and power it up.

    Disable PIN request

    If the SIM card requests a PIN number, you will have to disable this, since the ABN does not know what your PIN number is. Enter your PIN and go to the menu on your phone (usually something like 'Security Settings') and disable the PIN request option. When you have done this, switch the phone off and back on again. If you have done this correctly, the phone will not ask for the PIN again.

    Set the message centre number

    Most SIM cards come from your network provider with the message centre number already set. However, it is worth checking this, since the ABN will not be able to complain if it cannot send you an SMS message! The message centre number should be set as message centre 1, in the case where you are able to set several message centre numbers. If you do not know what the message centre number should be, it can be obtained from your network provider.

    Verify SMS functionality

    It is now a good idea to check that your phone is functional in all respects, particularly as to SMS messaging. If you intend using the voice call functions of the ABN, make sure you can make and receive a call. Then test if you can send and receive SMS messages. Should you encounter any difficulties, these can be sorted out with your network provider. Most problems in this area usually relate to the network provider having failed to activate either the SIM card or options such as SMS. In this regard, it is also important to verify that CLI (Caller Line Identification) is functional.

    Insert the SIM card in the ABN

    Once you are satisfied that the SIM is set up and fully functional, insert the SIM card into the holder in the back of the ABN unit. You can now apply power to the ABN and verify its functionality as set out in the "Technical Information" section.