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Logging on the ABNs


    The ABNs currently have a feature (experimental) which permits activities to be logged for specified ports.

    Logging may be enabled on, for example, input 'A' by sending an SMS to the ABN as follows:-


    Logging may be turned off by sending:-


    To turn on logging for input 'J', you would send:-


    and so on.

    Turning logging on will cause the ABN to store each event which occurs on that particular input or output. The data is stored in the ABN's internal EEPROM as a comma-separated field which begins with an exclamation mark (!).

    The logged data can be uploaded to your cellphone by using the 'U' command. Sending the ABN the following message:-


    will upload all logged information.

    It should be noted that there is only 32K bytes of EEPROM storage in the ABN and frequent events will fill EEPROM rapidly. As of the current firmware release (Version 3.2), it is the user's responsibility to ensure that EEPROM is not overflowed.

    In order to upload and delete logged information, send the following:-